Saturday, February 23, 2013



We normally carry our sense of identity around with us and are thus well aware of how we are relating to other people. There are ways, however of losing ourselves, including:
  • Becoming a part of a large group, such as a mob or army.
  • Becoming engrossed in an interesting task, such as a hobby.
  • Meditation and other contemplative activities.
Deindividuation into a group results in a loss of individual identity and a gaining of the social identity of the group. When two groups argue (and crowd problems are often between groups), it is like two people arguing. The three most important factors for deindividuation in a group of people are:
  • Anonymity, so I can not be found out.
  • Diffused responsibility, so I am not responsible for my actions.
  • Group size, as a larger group increases the above two factors. 

In many cases it is advantageous to join V-Bi and Y-Ro teams, however they lose the ability to deceive as individuals as well as to compete with others.

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