Sunday, February 24, 2013

America's demographic cliff

Collectively, we boomers were lucky. We were the most healthy, educated and privileged generation ever born. Our youth was spent virtually worry free. Our college educations were inexpensive, gas was cheap, jobs were plentiful and our futures were bright.

This is the growing of Biv society in rich resources, B baby boomers growing up together and changing the world to suit themselves. They were highly competitive and innovative at this stage like the roots of a tree.
We were the "Hippies" of the late 1960's and early 70's. Love was free and drugs were cheap (orwas it the other way around).

 At this stage they become Bi teaming up to get more resources by cooperating.

Then the 1980's rolled around and we became "Yuppies". We began to believe that success was our birthright.

After Bi confrontation with the Iv dominated police of the establishment they grew up to be protected by the same police and to keep their brithright of their original B roots. They became Iv competitive. 

We bought our BMW's and wore our V-neck sweaters. We turned conspicuous consumption into an art form. Hell, even Newsweek Magazine gave us our own year (1984). We were so busy clamoring to the top of the corporate ladder we forgot to develop any job or management skills which would lay a foundation for future generations to flourish.

The corporate ladder is like growing Iv branches.
Then as we aged, we hit our peak spending and borrowing years in the 1990's.  We went a bit middle age crazy. We splurged on second homes and McMansions.

This is the V flowering phase before retirment, people seed like trees with their children after showing off their assets like flowers to attract suitors for them.

 We thought fuel would be relatively cheap forever and bought gas guzzling SUV's. We also padded our financial statements and maxed out our credit cards trying to "keep up with the Jones's". Some of our brethren became bank CEO's and leading politicians, whose unethical and irresponsible behavior has been a reflection of our entire generation. We didn't want the party to end and they just tried to prolong it for us. We wanted it all and never learned nor cared for moderation.

V people now form a team to get more assets, the top of a tree tends to grab more resources from the rest of it. 
And now in the Autumn of our lives it looks like we are going to get it all (of course in devalued dollars). We will leave those coming up behind us with nothing but debt, austerity and a lower standard of living.

The trees collapse allowing their seeds or children to use the humus to grow in.

We will be reigning in our spending and hoping to save so we can offset future inflation. The malls, our cathedrals of consumption, will be ghosts towns compared to what they were, with "30%-70% off" signs decorating their stores windows.

Like dead and dying trees of wood which takes a long time to decay into humus, or it can be propped up as a zombie economy.

We will be net sellers of equities and mutual funds soon, not net buyers. Therefore, trade accordingly. It was fun while it lasted but now the piper must be paid. You know the old saying; the longer the party the bigger the hangover. Well, this hangover may last 25-30 years until the last of my generation are dead, either through natural causes or intergenerational warfare.

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